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PUF product

With the goal of slowing the effects of global warming and to facilitate a positive modern life, we have succeeded in developing high thermal insulating efficiency and an excellent 
performance closed cell polyurethane foam system which consists of polyols, catalysts, surfactant, non-fluorocarbon bowling agent, and polyisocyanates. We also offer 100% open cell polyurethane foam suitable for vacuum insulation panel with outstanding heat insulating property.

We also provide FIP(Foam in Place) products used in protective packaging. FIP products can
be used in transportation, mechanical,medical, electronic, food fields.

Main application:
Polyurethane Foam : 
Thermal insulation material for refrigerator, construction, pipeline etc.
Foam in Place :
Material for protective packaging, e.g., headlight, shock absorber, precision instrument.

FIP (Foam in Place)

Polyurethane Foam / Polyurethane Foam Material List


Major application fields

Electric heater,
Refrigerator Insulation

Insulation material for refrigerator such as:
 refrigerator, industrial refrigerator,
freezer, material of vehicle’s board.

Good flowablity, Thermal
Good filling ability.

High Density Hard Material

Insulation material for piping.

Good flowablity, Compressive
Flexural strength, 
Heat insulation.


Insulation material for piping and special 
purpose foaming.

High temperature resistance.

(Foam in Place)

Protective packaging, e.g., headlight, shock
absorber, precision instrument.

Perfect protective capability, various 
product packaging, esaypacking 
operation, economize space of 
warehouse, convenient handing of 
doogs and materials, costs lower.