CROSLENE 久聯化學工業股份有限公司

SMC product

Employing advanced Japanese technology, we manufacture and distribute in SMC (sheet molding compounds), consisting of polyester resin, glass fiber, inorganic filler and etc. The SMC possess such functions as high strength, light weight, anti-corrosive, anti-germ, and high durability against boiling water, etc. They provide the same economical performance as aluminum, iron, timber, marble, and etc.

Main application:
  1. Housing equipment: sanitary wares, bathtub, artificial marble-like wall, unit bathroom,combined breeding tank.
  2. Automobile parts: engine cover, interior parts, bumper, spoiler.
  3. Railway vehicle parts: MRT seats, window frame, ceiling, storage cabinet.
  4. Electric appliance parts: washing machine cover, high voltage insulator board, switch box, parabola antenna, cooler base
  5. Construction parts: partio, columbarium
  6. Other: computer parts, toy parts.

Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) Department

Characteristic features
Major application fields
G.T (s) C.T (s)
1325 0.17±0.03 130±15 150±15 Greater than 100 hrs product
 life under 100°C. boiling
water, high gloss.
1688-98IVR ≦0.05 90±20 110±20 US CAPA Certified, high
strength, good surfactant,
good coating character.
Engine hood, head
panel, spoiler, etc.
1347-28GRY 0.08±0.03 85±15 105±15 Compliance with UL-94Vo,
good electric character,
 smooth surface.
Vertical rail insulation.
1349-34IVR ≦0.1 120±20 150±20 It is not phenol resin, no
toxic organic solvent when
molded, certified CNS5632
class 3 fire resistance spec,
Suitable for fire resist
applications, strictly for
construction materials.
1348-07BLK ≦0.1 85±20 105±20 Low cost, good surfactant,
Automotive appliances
1343 0.12±0.03 135±20 155±15 High strength, replace the
handy up method.
LCD factory, DRAM
factory’s dust-free white
1341 ≦0.1 125±15 145±15 Compliance with
ASTM E-162,ASTM E-662,
BS-6853, NFPA-259
specifications, excellent
strength, smooth surface.
MRT seats,
Internal train
OST-LP-01 0.14±0.03 14±20 160±20 High strength, good
surfactant, water
Standpipe board.
1373-00 0.08±0.05 85±20 105±20 Certified CNS14705 class
2 fire resistance spec,
excellent strength.