CROSLENE 久聯化學工業股份有限公司

Corporate Social Responsibility

Safety, Health and Environmental Protection Policy


Croslene Chemical Industries, Ltd. Occupational safety, health and environmental protection policy.

Our company was established in 1978, and our main business includes the sales, manufacturing, and development of chemical ingredients (e.g., synthetic rubber latex, rigid polyurethane foam, foam in place, polyurethane adhesive, sheet molding compound).“First class quality, first class service” is our company’s philosophy, and we dedicate to making a glorious future for people.

In the process of manufacturing, development and sale, we dedicate to creating a good working environment, ensuring employee’s safety and health and preventing pollution and accidents. We abide by the concept of a healthy and safe occupational environment as our company culture and with the policy of “Safety first, treasure resources, live up to our promises, keep improving” in order to meet the goal of “zero accident、zero casualty、zero pollution”, through keeping the sustainable development to fulfill our social responsibility. To fulfill above goals, our company promises to obey occupational safety, health and environmental regulations with the following commitments:

  1. Establish the management system : Establish and maintain a complete occupational safety, health and environmental protection management system.
  2. Improve the working environment : Create a healthy, safe, comfortable and sanitary environment.
  3. Obey safety regulations : Ensure every employee obeys safety regulations and strengthen safety and health responsibilities of supervisors.
  4. Implement of employee training : Provide occupational safety and health training for employees. Promote information of occupational safety and health to our supplier and contractor.
  5. Improve continuously : Provide all employees with consultanting service to make them a part in the safety and health mechanism. By these audit activity and mechanism, we can keep improving the safety of our company’s manufacturing and working environment.
  6. Save energy and reduce waste : Make good use of energy, save energy efficiently and do activities of reducing waste in order to reduce their impact to the environment.
  7. Implement risk management :Find out potential risk and use corresponding solution to reduce risk to a tolerable range. Through this we hope to reduce the dangerous risk which may affect the people involve.
  8. Communicate with neighbors : Set complete environmental surveillance system to prevent pollution. Improve communication with neighbors and make good relationship with them.